Sir Kus 

Dance 2020

University of Florida

February 2020

Directed by Elizabeth Johnson and Dante Puelio

Bowielegged Choreographed by Elizabeth Johson

Alma Perpetua Choreographed by Isa Garcia Rose

Ode to Mardis Gras Choreographed by Trent D Williams

Cordel Choreographed by Agusto Soledode

Fathers and Sons Choreographed by Dante Puelio

Journey Revisted Choreographed by Jason Areyah

Night Circus Choreographed by Dante Puelio

Costume Design by Matthew Ryan Limerick and Helen Peterson

Lighting Design by Lillie Kahkonen and Myka Ahleman

Scenic Design by Peta MeKenna

Sound Design by Julia Schack

Photo Credit: Suzzana Mars

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